In situ data collection and integration with sen2agri

Good evening everyone,

I am new in this community. I am running a site since a couple of weeks and I am currently trying to prepare for in-situ data collection. Could you provide me with some help by guiding me to the available resources and best practices?

I am particularly interested in tools for data collection and how to integrate the collected data in sen2agri.


You can start with this one.

And this one.


I have been through the linked sites, would it be possible to send me a link to the “webinar on in situ data collection methods is planned on July 19th”?

The second request relates with the integration of the ground data, following the JECAM guidelines into sen2agri. Is there a document detailing the process, files, and configuration?

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You can consult the Software User Manual. I think it’s in page 90. Or do you need a sample in situ dataset?

Hi Brentf,

Could you send me a sample dataset?


Hi Joao Urbano,

You can try this one. This is a sample training dataset in Mindanao province, Philippines. (138.8 KB)

Thank you brentf,

Will have a look.