How to skip MACCS process for certain site

Dear all,

I have created several sites in Sen2Agri.
I have a problem on how to start the sen2agri-demmaccs process for later created sites.
For example, I have finished downloading the data for Site 1 then disable Site 1.
I created Site 2 and downloaded all the images. It seems that if I disabled Site 1, sen2agri-demmaccs is stop running. If I enabled all sites, then sen2agri-demmaccs start running from the latest stage.

How can I skip demmaccs process for previous sites which I disabled?



Hi all,

I have found the solution based on this thread MACCS starts again from the beginning.

My solution was changing the status_id in the database:

update downloader_history set status_id = 41 where status_id = 2 and site_id = 3