How to determine whether the system used my in situ multi-tile processing shape file?

Hi again,

I’m exploring the possibility of multi tile processing by providing in situ data in my “/mnt/archive/insitu/bukidnon_pantaron/strata” directory.

Is there a way to verify whether my random forest classifier successfully used the shp file path for the multi-tile processing? My site name in the web interface is “Bukidnon_Pantaron” and I would just like to ask if my “/mnt/archive/insitu/bukidnon_pantaron/strata” would be recognized correctly by Sen2agri system? (Since I didn’t use space in my site name, should I eliminate the underscore character of my in situ file path?)


The easiest way to check – if you already have a product – is to look under /Metadata/Strata in the IPP file from the AUX_DATA directory. Otherwise, if it’s still running, you can look at the command line in the website or run ps auxwww | grep CropTypeFused, and look for a -strata argument.

Regarding your example, I believe it should work, but it’s best to check.

What does this result mean?

brentf    4410  0.0  0.0 112664   984 pts/8    S+   16:37   0:00 grep --color=auto CropTypeFused

I am sorry to tell you that my multi-tile processing for L4B is not working as of this time (can’t find the folder where the outputs are). What are the needed commands to ensure that my multi-tile processing will run?

It means that the processor is not running right now. Was it a custom job? Does it show up on the “monitoring” page? You should be able to see the output by clicking on that link.