How set local path for sentinel2 download

hello, everyone!

I have installed the sen2agri V1.83. and all sentinel2 data store like this

Next, I did
1, edit
2, restart the sen2agri-services.service

i find all data download falied!
[Scientific Data HubSentinel2-1] r.c.t.d.r.s.d.Sentinel2DownloadStrategy - Product link failed

anyone can help me. i think maybe SciHubDataSource.Sentinel2.local_archive_path need to be change. but l do know how to change it.

Hello and thank you for using the Sen2Agri system.
The local_arhive_path property is just pointing to the root of the EO data store. Then the services would expect the products to be organized into a folder structure following the dates (i.e. yyyy/MM/dd).
We have also implemented path schemes to cope with the folder structure similar to yours, but I’m it was not part of 1.8.3. The next release will contain these changes. Meanwhile, if you are interested, please send me an email to and I will send you the necessary jar files, and instructions on where to place them and how to properly configure the paths.


thanks for your reply. now sen2agri-system run ok. but it need down data from Scihubdata. I will send you email.

hello, do you have got my email from