General questions about sent2agri

I was trying to find some informations but I wasn’t able to find all that I need on Your website so I am posting here the things that I would need to know before starting to use Your software.
Are there any requirements about the Linux Server? (regarding RAM, HDD size, SSD size) Also, if we install the software on our server, can we use it for commercial use, if yes, under what conditions?

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The user manual has some performance numbers in Appendix C. They might be a little dated (due to further optimization on one hand and various issues like some format changes on the other), but they can serve as a starting point. I don’t have better numbers, in any case.

Regarding the license, you should also check what the L2A (MACCS) processor allows. The rest of the system is GPL v3, which can be used commercially. @nicolas.bellemans might be able to say more, but I think that some users were already considering it.

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Hi Dejan,

You can find guidance on system requirements on our website : in the system download section under the System Requirement tab.

I confirm what Laurentiu says about the commercial use of the system. The entire Sen2-Agri system is under GPL v3 license (I’ve just added a note on this on the website), except one part which is the MACCS processor which has a dedicated license. This license has to be agreed and signed on the CNES web site - you can see the license when downloading this software.

The MACCS license prevents any commercial use of the system, by commercial use they refer exclusively to the sale of the software or any product including the software.


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