Failed: unable to open the shape file

Good morning,
I installed Sen2agri in another machine (vm), however, when i tried to create the site , it gave the following error Failed: your zip file was uploaded and unpacked successfully!unable to open the shape file.
knowing that i used the same archive to create a site in another machine, which sen2agri works fine.
Is there an error on installation or something else.


Could you tell us if you noticed any error during installation of the system (/mnt/archive and /mnt/upload folder rights)?
Also, could you check especially the rights for /mnt/upload directory to be 777?
Do you use on that machine some different locales?

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I did not delete the folders mnt/archive and mnt/upload because they are shared by the 2 virtual machines(the old one wich sen2agri works fine and the new one wich i would like to install sen2agri).I just install sen2agri

If you are trying to create the site with the same site, same shapefile using the same /mnt/upload and /mnt/archive repository from two distinct computers, I am afraid that this will not work or you will get unpredictable results or corrupted files.
I strongly suggest to use other folders for the second machine and ensure that this machine has write rights (777 for /mnt/upload and at least sen2agri-service for /mnt/archive).
If you have a single external storage for both machines, you could use symlinks to folders on that storage.

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