Fail to parse signal string ervices

#sudo systemctl restart sen2agri -servises
#return–Fail to parse signal string ervices
Please help me !


the correct command is :

sudo systemctl restart sen2agri-services

Please note that there is no space between sen2agri and - and also is “services” not “servises”.

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Dear professor,
thank you for your reply

please help me

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Are you sure that the Sen2Agri system was successfully installed on that machine?
From what I see the sen2agri-services are not installed.
Could you please install the system again and check that there are no errors during installation?

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Dear professor,
When I run the following program:

The main error occurred:

Please refer to the right road for me!:frowning_face::pensive:

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Jingjing wang


Apparently, there is something wrong on your machine that makes the system installation fail. Could you perform the following steps, please?

  • download this installer (is the same as the one you have unless it doesn’t ask for MACCS or MAJA): (7.6 KB)
  • unzip the file and copy the extracted over the existing one that you executed.
  • go into the folder where is located
  • make sure it has execution rights (perform a

sudo chmod a+x ./

  • execute it with

sudo ./ > sen2agri_install_log.txt

  • Please send us the file sen2agri_install_log.txt

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