End of Life - Postgres 9.4 - Installation not possible anymore

Hi, I just noticed that Postgres 9.4. required for Sen2Agri installation reached its “end of life” and is not supported anymore and the Installation of Sen2Agri (Version 2.0.2 [Release 05-03-2020] ) fails. Unfortunately an upgrade to an higher version during the installation is not easily possible.
Are there any plans to solve this and provide an updated installation package?
Thanks & Best Regards

Dear Benni,

I don’t have a direct solution for your problem,
but we managed to change the DB connection after the installation.
We moved from the local PostgresDB to a central DB in our DataCenter.
To make the move you have to stop the services, change the DB connection at several places and
restart the service. We wrote some ansible roles for that https://github.com/Open-Forecast/Sen2Agri-ansible which might give you some inside.
Best Regards

Hi, thanks for your reply and the Link. I will definitely have a look on it, since the installation-Procedure for Sen2Agri does not work anymore and also the services cannot be installed.