Download error: product size

Dear community!

Since a few weeks we have an issue downloading satellite data for our sites. It worked fine after the sites were created, but now new files cannot be downloaded. We did not change the configuration.

journalctl -u sen2agri-services -r reports:

Jan 17 11:45:55 gwdg.novalocal[32121]: 2020-Jan-17 11:45:55.686 WARN  [DefaultQuartzScheduler_Worker-3] o.e.s.scheduling.RetryJob      - Cannot determine product size for S2B_MSIL1C_20180331T103019_N020 
Jan 17 11:45:55 gwdg.novalocal[32121]: 2020-Jan-17 11:45:55.686 DEBUG [DefaultQuartzScheduler_Worker-3] o.e.s.s.i.DownloadServiceImpl  - Querying page #1 (query 1 of 1) for {site id=4,satellite=S2}

We could not find any hints concerning this issue. We followed the sen2agri FAQ ( How can I retry to download aborted products?) but no change.

Thanks in advance!

Found any solution for this?

Unfortunately I could not solve this issue yet.
Any ideas from the developers ? Problem is also present in version 2.0.2

This happens to me, too. It manifests in both sen2agri ( and sen4cap (

Any ideas would be appriciated.