Does Sen2Agri NEED Cent OS 7?

I seen in the document it says in bold “CentOS 7 64-bit is required by the Sen2-Agri system”. Does this mean similar distributions won’t work at all?

Also, are there any plans to change this in the future? I would really like to move to Red Hat.

I think the reason for this is the install script that makes use of the yum command to install dependencies. As long as you manually install all software that’s referenced by yum (which is not available for Debian systems like Ubuntu/Debian) you should be able to install it.

I’m just a user of the system, unfortunately the focus of the Sen2Agri team seems to be not anymore with this project. Sorry to not being able to give you a definite answer.

Thank you for the response. I assume you are right; sadly I’m not too familiar with Linux so when I tried this the first time it was a mess.

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Once I tested on Centos 8 (because C7 is coming to EOL) but could not find all required dependencies.
If you follow the installation manual you should be able to install and get the processor working. But you have to read carefully. The figures of the installation folder structure are very helpful e.g. where to place srtm, maja etc. Everything else is done by the installer.

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How you managed to install it on CentOS 8?