Does Sen2Agri Download Sentinel 1 Data - Can It Use It?

I noticed in the Sen2Agri configurator that there is an option under the “Download” tab to “Enable S1”. However, we are getting lots of other data (L8 and S2) - but haven’t gotten any S1 yet. Does Sen2Agri actually download these products? If so, is there perhaps a step I’m missing to make it begin? Or does it perhaps wait until L8 and S2 are all downloaded first before it starts with S1 (as we did only enable it after L8 and S2 were queued).



No, the system does not download the S1 products.
Nevertheless, if you need the S1 SLC products the system could do that by activating S1 but that would be all as these products are not used inside the system.


Ok thanks for the information. :slight_smile:

For further usage of S1 you could have a look also over the Sen4CAP system but in that system is another processing philosophy (processing is done at object level).