Data download stops after some time (205 out of 1542 estimated products)

Hi all,
What may be a reason for not downloading all the available data for a specific site? In monitor TAB i see “Estimated number of products to download: 1542” and for some time (2-3 days) the download process seemd to be working fine. Then after downloading 205 scenes nothing has changed since several days. The progress bar indicates 205 Successful downloads (light blue) and the rest of products switches from green (In progress) to red (Retriable). All the L1C*SAFE folders were created but vast majority of them with no content at all.
Also L2A products were created for Landsat 8 scenes only (27 out of 45 downloaded scenes). It seems like the Sen2-agri system simply stoped working at some point.
Any help will be apprecaited,
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