Creodias Integration with Sen2Agri

Hello @cudroiu @Inicola,

We are planning to use Creodias for us to have a full archive of Sentinel 2 images without downloading to our local storage. I’m quite new to this set-up.

Is says that L2A input are available for processing a product (like CropType Map). Are there any examples how to set up this mode?


Dear Brent,

In order to use the system to use the already existing L2A products from the /eodata repository you will have to perform the following changes:

  • modify the local_root of the SciHub S2 datasource to change /eodata/…/L1C into /eodata/…/L2A
  • modify in the config table the key “downloader.use.esa.l2a” to true instead of false.
  • restart sen2agri-services

Best regards,

Thanks for this information Cosmin.