Can't download or use products "product folder missing"

When clicking the download button on a L2A product, the website displays

 Download failed!

The product folder is missing. 

I can confirm that the folder inside the “product” DB table is correct, it exists, it has files, it has a mosaic.jpg, it is set to 777, it is owned by the user sen2agri-service

hitting download button


When printing the path inside downloadProduct.php I can see that my path is correct, though /home/korny/DATA is symlinked to /home/sen2agri-service/DATA to circumvent ACL policies



Same happens when I copy the folder to /tmp/home/sen2-agri… set the database entry to the same value

the folder is definitely there


The . is from the original error message, I’m printing like this in php
$_SESSION['errorMessage'] = "Download failed!</br></br>The product folder is missing." . $absolute_path;

Update 3:

seems php’s file_exist does not like paths inside /home nor /tmp - when I set the path to /data/home/... I will get a zip file, but it’s only containing an empty folder :confused:

Update 4:

After a reboot the mosaic of the product that I moved to /data is now showing

and the ZIP downloads correctly - I hope this helps users in the future that face a similar issue


Symbolic Links need execution rights (even when setting 777, this is not enough for PHP). Be sure to set chmod a+x on the symbolic link as well as the target!