Cannot download sentinel images


I’m trying to download sentinel images. But when I check using systemctl status -l sen2agri-sentinel-downloader it says that:

Could not get the catalog output for footprint:"Intersects(POLYGON((124.464 8.591,125.447 8.594,125.467 7.403,124.484 7.4,124.464 8.591)))"

When I checked the website, it says that it was down less than an hour ago.

Can this cause the error download for sentinel images? On one hand, my landsat downloader seems ok. I also stopped, disabled and restarting again the sentinel downloader but to no avail.


Dear Brentf,
this is directly related with the maintenance activity of schiub.
Data Hub major infrastructure upgrade postponed to 3-4 April 2018 13:00 UTC