Cannot Access the Sen2Agir web interface, tried starting httpd but failed


Are you getting the same error?

Maybe the Sen2Agri database was created on the previous instance. You can use the same psql command to check if a sen2agri database exists.

If not, you can re-run the install script. If should be relatively quick the second time.



I re-run the sen2agri install script but my login was still not successful (shows the same log-in error).
Do I need to log-out from CentOS?



No, you shouldn’t need to. Does sudo -u postgres psql sen2agri work?



Sorry, been busy these days.
Anyway, yes I can access the sen2agri database from psql but still can’t log in successfully from the web interface.
(using the default credentials).


Hello Inicola,

Finally found out a solution for this one.
I just used your answer here, from the previous post

Regards and thanks a lot.

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