Automated download do not start


Hi everyone.

We recently found a couple of issues that might affect the downloader functionality in version 1.8:

  • the new downloader no longer truncates the site coordinates to a reasonable number of decimals; this can make the query string too large, and the SciHub requests are rejected with a “500 Internal Server Error” status; the (untested) workaround would be to change the site definition to something simpler:
update site
set geog = ST_MakeValid(ST_SnapToGrid(geog, 0.001))
  • MULTIPOLYGON geometry is no longer supported; there is no easy workaround for this (you’d need to use a different site footprint)


Hi everyone,

As Laurentiu said, we recently found few issues that might affect how the new downloader (sen2agri-services in v1.8.1) works. Three functionalities that were previously handled by the old downloaders (included in sen2-agri system v1.6 and v1.7) were not correctly implemented in the new version:

  • Handling of multi-polygons site extent geometry. Only single polygon geometry is currently supported;
  • Handling of very complex shape geometry of the site extent is not ensure anymore. This problem is due to the ESA Sci-Hub request limitation. The new downloader can therefore not work with:
    • Geometry with a high number of vertices (> 200 vertices)
    • Geometry with high decimal precision (> 6 decimals)
  • Handling of the time lag between the Sci-Hub and AWS acquisition availability. This aspect might affect Near-Real-Time download.

Workarounds were previously implemented to avoid the here-above issues and give you a high degree of freedom when defining your Sen2-Agri site.

Be sure that we are working hard to have this features back in the new version. We should release the correction patch very soon so that you can apply it on your installation.

Nicolas for the Sen2-Agri team