Amazon Web Service change for Sentinel-2 access

Dear Sen2-Agri users,

This message concerns only the users downloading the Sentinel-2 images on AWS Sentinel-2 L1C bucket. For those who are accessing local storage for Sentinel-2 either on cloud or on their own server, there is no change.

You might have noticed that your Sen2-Agri system is no more downloading the Sentinel-2 images since Tuesday 7th of August. This is due to a cancelation of the free access policy of AWS to its Sentinel-2 L1C bucket. The access right on AWS S2 bucket has now been configured as Requester Pays while it was previously configured as Owner pays (more info here).

By default, the Sen2-Agri system was configured to download the Sentinel-2 images on AWS, because it is significantly faster than the direct download on the ESA-SciHub. Support for ESA Sci-Hub download already exists in Sen2Agri system and it is a matter of a changing a configuration key by the users. There is however an issue with some metadata that are no longer correctly downloaded on the ESA Sci-Hub. We are currently working on updating the Sentinel-2 downloader and we will deliver an updated version in the coming days.

We are sorry for the drawback it may cause,

The Sen2-Agri team

Dear Nicolas, whether there is a way to reconfigure existing install to use ESA Sci-HUB?

Dear Andrii, dear all,
We are currently in the nominal testing phase of the new system version, which will allow you to download data directly from the ESA SciHub (the Copernicus Open Access Hub). It seems however that the ESA servers are much slower than expected and some optimization works are still needed on our side.
We hope to deliver the new version shortly, hopefully before the end of the week.
Thank you very much for your understanding and your patience,
Best regards,

Hi All,

Can anyone tell me if it is still possible to download the images from AWS on version 1.8.3 of sen2agri once I have subscribe to AWS?


The version 1.8.3 is not able to download from AWS even if you have a subscription as there is a special API for which we need to add support into Sen2Agri. This will be supported in a future version.
Nevertheless, if you have access to a VM from AWS, you could use Sen2Agri to directly access the products using a local store (without the need of downloading the products on that machine).
Also, there exists also the choice of using SciHub for downloading the products or downloading manually the products from AWS and import them after that into the system.

Best regards,


@cudroiu, when can we expect the next version?
I’ve looked and commits in GIT, noticed that you are changing download possibilities towards Data and Information Access Services (DIAS). It would be great to know when can we expect news here because downloading from SciHub goes only one file at a time and quite slow.

I’ve seen updates in GIT regarding the next version. Maybe all changes for 1.9 are there but you are still catching up with documentation? :slight_smile: