2.0 update implications for L4 processor


I’m planning to update to version 2.0, but for some of our sites we still need to process some L4 products.

As far as I can see in the manual, the only requirement for updating to version 2.0 is that the L2 processing is completed and that the site, so the automatic scheduling etc, is disabled.

So are there any implications for the L4 processing? Can I update the system and afterwards still process L4 products based on L2 data processed with MACCS?



Hello Val,

Yes, the system 2.0 is still supporting the old MACCS products format. If you have sites that were processed with MACCS, you will still be able to produce L4 products for these sites.
The only constraint would normally be to not switch to MAJA while in the middle of processing of a season with MACCS.

Best regards,

Thanks for clarifying!